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With the help of NHSX funding, the COPD Digital CHAMP (Coaching Health App Implementation Partnership) project aims to improve the lives of patients living with COPD within BNSSG by guiding them to self-manage their condition through the roll-out of the myCOPD app. MyCOPD helps people with COPD to manage their condition effectively at home.

Are you living with COPD?

“Since starting myCOPD both myself, my wife and my family have noticed how much more I can do. I watch the videos to make sure I take my inhalers correctly and have started exercising three times a week using the videos. Now I can walk faster than my wife!”

Michael, 74, Havant

My COPD Video


myCOPD is the complete app for patients living with COPD.

  • Perfect your inhaler technique with our easy-to-follow inhaler videos and learn how to manage your COPD from world experts.
  • Record daily steps and any exercise in our Activity Diary from the comfort of your home and get the very best in COPD care.

As well as getting access to this fantastic app, you can also access free coaching support from the local respiratory teams to help you to get started and build your confidence when using myCOPD.

Click the link to get your FREE access to the approved NHS myCOPD app and coaching support:


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